We are an innovative and dynamic company

Since 1987, Agroindustrias AIB is dedicated to harvest, process and export of high-quality products distributed to the most demanding markets around the world.

A history of achievements


Establishment of Alitec company 

Acquisition of Jugos y Espárragos del Norte company

Both companies merged in Agroindustrias Backus S.A

Company name changes into Agroindustrias AIB S.A.

New frozen and fresh facility built in the North

Our mission

To develop, produce and commercialize together with our clients and suppliers high-quality products for the local and export market; accomplishing in this way the fast and sustained growth of the company.

Our vision

To be one out of the five leading companies in the Peruvian Agribussines through continuous innovation in products, processes and management , positioning as the best qualified, most profitable and diversified company.

Our values


We offer certified quality

Our facilities

South Plant - Fresh, Canned and Frozen

Located in Chincha - Ica, it was designed for the 3 processing lines in order to attend efficiently our clients requirements. 

North Plant - Canned, Juices, Pulps and By-Products

This 30 years of experience plant has 3 processing lines, offering hight-quality products.

North Plant - Frozen and Fresh

In 2018 we invested in a new plant which covers 12,000 square meters of land with cutting-edge machinery and equipment in order to offer a major production volume capacity to our clients.


Artichoke fields

Around 40 hectares, located in the South of the country.

Lime fields

Located in the North of the country offering following varieties:

- Sutil: 400 hectares.

- Tahiti: 23 hectares.

Pomegranate fields

We have 50 hectares in the South and the 15 hectares in the North of the country. We currently produce, process and export the Wonderfull variety.


Piquillo Pepper fields

Located in the North of the country with more than 100 hectares.